Scorekeeping … we all subconsciously do it. Whether we are consciously aware we’re doing it or unconscious of doing it, we are all keeping score as a matter of our human nature.

Think about your score keeping behaviors …

At the grocery store check out line, you are score keeping by looking at the news magazines. In the news magazine some celebrity is or isn’t pregnant with somebody’s love child. Or, the president is shown on the front cover shaking hands with an alien from a classified planet. Or, Dr. Oz is showing one of his helpful health tips. By entertaining our minds with whatever’s around us, we either fuel or trash our body.

Think about your score keeping behavior when you do anything to improve your fitness. You compare how you were doing in your physical status last week with your improvement (or plateaued status) right now. That’s score keeping. You’re comparing where you were with where you are now.

When we score keep to the positive, it is a mental tool we can use to feel and be successful. Score keeping about our physical levels of strength, happiness, wellness give us a sense of accomplishment. We all like to feel able, competent and capable. When we feel healthy, we also feel happier in life. Bottom line on how to feel like a winner?

See that your personal successes are measured by the amount of effort you invest in doing them. For your physical competency and effectiveness, that means coaching and training. Your coach shows you how to lead your body into becoming a highly efficient, well-oiled machine that serves you well.

Want to keep enjoying natural wellness in your physical body? Book an appointment with me today. Conquer your physical weakness. You can turn your weaknesses into strengths with the proper training. How do I know this? I’ve already been where you are right now. Together we can be heroes for your body’s natural wellness by conditioning it into Relentless Fitness!

Fitness Consultant Kevin Parris