Relentless Fitness Cap

Relentless Fitness Cap

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Relentless Fitness offers this premium quality snapback caps that provides extreme comfort & style, suitable for gym, beach, pool, outdoors and more. Browse through our range of fitness & sports wear at great prices. Order your fitness headgear today!

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Why protect your head and eyes from the sun by just throwing a generic ball cap on your head? Make a statement! Proudly show friends you’re an athletic enthusiast by wearing a custom Relentless Fitness ball cap.

What’s are some benefits of protecting your head and eyes from the outside unpredictable environment by wearing a ball cap? Here are a few …

Fashionable AND functional, hats keep your head warm during cold weather and protect your skin during the summer from harmful UV rays. Additionally, hats might actually do something helpful for your hair.

Think about unpredictable weather elements during both hot and cooler temperatures. In addition to keeping your head warm in the cooler temperatures, wearing a hat can protect your hair and scalp from harmful UV rays in the summer. The sun can dry hair out and bleach your natural hair color. If you like your hair color as it is, wearing a hat during times outside in the sun can help you protect that hair shade color!

Can wearing a hat too long hurt your hair? Wearing a hat day and night can be a bit much for your hair. Tight-fitting hats can trap oils at the root of your hair causing the ends of your hair to dry out. Greasy hair can interfere with oxygen circulation to your hair’s follicles. Also, unwanted dirt and bacteria may build up. This build up can cause your hair to fall out. Oh no!

The conclusion about wearing a hat? Just like in pretty much all life situations, balance and harmony is best. When you buy one of our premium quality hats, wear it with a comfortable fit only when you need to protect yourself from the elements. Look your sharpest by wearing your ball cap in a way that accentuates your natural good looks!

  • 80% acrylic and 20% wool

  • One size fits all

  • Back of hat latch is plastic with no mesh in hat.

  • This unisex, snap back ball cap features a classic fit providing all day comfort for whatever activity you do.